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Arsenio Hall is coming back to tv with a new talk show

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There was a time when the biggest name in late night talk was Arsenio Hall, but the love affair with his public did not last, but with his recent Celebrity Apprentice win, he seems to be back in the public eye.

Back when Arsenio Hall had his talk show, there was a time when he told a magazine that he was going to “Kick Jay Leno’s ass.” And, for a time, from 1989 to 1994 he hosted The Arsenio Hall Show and it was a rating success. He was famous for having the audience pump its fist in the air and chant “Woof! Woof! Woof!” However, the show ended and Hall disappeared from most of TV for some time.

According to Hollywood sources, however, that is going to change and it looks like Hall will be back on TV in a talk show host capacity. The show, according to reports, will go back into syndication something in 2013. This is similar to how he did his original show in the early 90s. The show will be available for syndication to local stations through CBS TV Distribution.

Hall was originally from Cleveland, Ohio. He eventually moved to Chicago and then Los Angeles and started his career by doing stand-up comedy. He first entered the public spotlight as the sidekick for host Alan Thicke during Thicke’s talk show.

After that show ended, Hall spent some time making movies. His most famous was with Eddie Murphy in Coming to America. He then made more inroads in the talk show world.

He was one of the guest hosts that appeared on the Fox late night talk show known as The Late Show. His time as a guest host on that show, which had a rotating list of guest hosts after a failed attempt to give Joan Rivers her own show to compete against Johnny Carson, was well received. Hollywood approached him to do his own show and his original show was syndicated by Paramount.

During his time hosting a show much of what Hall did became part of pop culture. The “Woof! Woof!” chant was seen everywhere including movies and other TV shows. He was also there when then-candidate Bill Clinton showed up and played the saxophone with his band.

Most recently Hall has been in the spotlight again for his time on Celebrity Apprentice. He actually ended up winning the latest season, over Clay Aiken. This put him front and center in the public spotlight and seems to have sparked the desire to see him back in a late night talk show format.

The show will likely be taped sometime in 2013 and made available for syndication for fall of 2013.

Photo of Arsenio Hall from 1989 courtesy of Wikipedia archives.

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