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Authorities still looking for missing NIU student

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The photos on the news show a smiling, pretty, red-headed young woman, but authorities say that Toni Keller is missing. In fact, the 18-year-old student a Northern Illinois University, near Chicago, has not been seen since last Thursday. On that day she told friends she was going to go for a walk down West Lincoln Highway near the NIU campus and then she vanished.

Authorities are asking the public for any information that might lead to discovery of Toni Keller. On Tuesday the search continued in areas, including wooded areas, around the NIU campus with K-9 units. The area where searchers are looking is near Anne Glidden Road which is near the Lincoln Highway in Dekalb, Illinois.

Mother being treated for anxiety

Police say that Keller’s father, Roger, has been participating in the search for his daughter. However, her mother has been hospitalized for anxiety and stress resulting from Toni’s disappearance.

Today officials from the University spoke to the press and gave advice for would-be student searchers. They suggested that the wooded areas around the campus would be too dangerous for amateur sleuths and that they do not want any more disappearances or injuries. Instead, students have been asked to pass out fliers that have Toni Keller’s photo.

A description has also been released, along with photos. Toni Keller is Caucasian and is 5 feet, 6 inches tall. She weights about 130 pounds. She also has blue eyes and brown hair. When she was last seen she was wearing blue jeans, a light gray jacket and a scarf. She has a small piercing in her right nostril and a tattoo of three sunflowers on her upper chest. She is an art student and was carrying a portfolio and a camera when she was last seen.

Anyone who has seen Toni Keller is asked to call authorities. They are asked to contact the NIU police and they can be reached at (815) 753-1212.

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