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Autopsy on man who died in Chicago Marathon proves inconclusive

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A firefighter who dropped about 500 yards from the finish line of the Chicago Marathon was autopsied today and the results were inconclusive according to reports.

The Chicago Marathon attracted nearly 40,000 people from all across the country. While much of the attention was focused on the winners of the race and the above-normal temperatures, the firefighter from North Carolina collapsed and was rushed to a near by hospital. Just a few hours later he was declared dead.

According to local media reports, the body was autopsied today. However, the results were not as satisfying as some were hoping. William Caviness was 35-years-old and he appeared to be in good health. The Cook County Medical Examiner today released a statement that more tests were called for to try and figure out what killed the man.

There were concerns over this year’s marathon when it was predicted that temperatures would be above normal. As such, the Chicago Fire Department put more water stations along the route and increased the number of people working. According to statements, although the temps were indeed higher than normal for this time of year, most of the marathoners were fine and crossed the finish line without seeking medical attention.

A few years ago the Chicago Marathon made national headlines when the hot temps sent dozens upon dozens of runners to the hospital. The news reports were filled with images and sounds of ambulances racing downtown and taking runners to the hospital.

This year, there was none of that. In fact, very little coverage has been given to the death of Caviness. This was the second time in five years that a runner has died during the course of the race.

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