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Autopsy shows Chicago cop died from inhaling fumes

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Autopsy results on the death of Chicago police officer Kevin Robinson showed that his pneumonia-like symptoms came from inhaling fumes from a cleaning solution.

The mother and former partner of Chicago Police Officer Kevin Robinson are now speaking out to the media hoping that what happened to Robinson never happens to anyone else. The Chicago cop died, suddenly, five months ago after developing breathing problems that put him into the hospital, then into a coma and then, finally, killed him. It turns out the culprit was a cleaning solution used around his desk.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Illinois Department of Labor has now opened an investigation into the death of Officer Robinson. The exact chemicals in the cleaning product used have not been released and what exactly caused the death of Robinson is not clear. His death has now officially been ruled an accident.

Robinson’s mother, Seretha, spoke to the press today and said that her son had not had any respiratory problems before he died. The autopsy showed that when he inhaled the fumes of the cleaning solution sprayed on his desk, his lungs all but shut down. He developed a cough and symptoms similar to a bad cold. Things got worse and he was admitted to the hospital where he was put into a medically-induced coma.

Robinson’s mother had just lost her husband not long before her son became ill and died. She had no other children, but said her son’s former partner has grown close to her and has even started calling her “mom.”

Robinson had been on the force for 15 years and was working out of a station on the southwest side of Chicago when he suddenly became ill. His former wife told the press that he was not a smoker and had never had any lung problems in the past. She and Robinson had two children.

While Robinson was on duty when he inhaled the fumes, since his death was not related to a patrol or anything of that nature, it is unclear of the Chicago Police Department will pay out the benefits for officers who die in the line of duty. His former partner and his mother are hoping that this will happen.

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