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Bethenny Frankel’s Skinnygirl line of beverages pulled from Whole Foods shelves

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The bestselling author, reality TV star and beverage mix maker says that it is a non-event, but Whole Foods has pulled her line of pre-mixed healthy beverages due to ingredients.

Whole Foods is a chain of all-natural and organic food stores. However, they have strict rules over what ingredients can be in the food and beverages they sell. They are strict about there being no preservatives in their products. Despite the fact Frankel’s beverage mix bottles say that the Skinnygirl Margarita mix is all natural, it contains something Whole Foods considers a preservative.

According to media reports, the preservative in question is sodium benzoate. The representatives from Skinnygirl have stated that the ingredient is only tiny amounts and so that the Margarita mix can stay on shelves longer. However, because of that, Whole Foods has said that they had to pull her line of beverage mixes.

Frankel released a statement that she was not phased. She indicated that she wished she could put an agave plant and a lime on shelves for consumers, but that it was just not possible. She also told the press that she had to have the preservative in the beverage mix in order to keep it on the shelves for a long as possible.

Representatives from Skinnygirl said that they knew that there were going to be problems with the Margarita mix. They also stated that they respected Whole Foods’ decision.

Bethenny Frankel came into prominence with a series of bestselling books. She is also the star of a popular reality TV show. Most recently her line of Skinnygirl beverage mixes have become a huge hit. In fact, Frankel recently sold the Skinnygirl line for $120 million.

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