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Bizarre incident at Colorado shooting range baffling authorities

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Twin sisters from Australia were both shot in the head at virtually the same time at a Colorado shooting range. One sister is dead and the other critically wounded. Authorities are baffled as to how it happened and even which sister is dead and which is wounded.

Both women were 29-years-old and in the United States on visas. The incident took place at the Cherry Creek State Park shooting range which is just south of Denver. So far the authorities investigating the case have been unable to talk to the surviving sister. She is listed in serious but stable condition at a nearby hospital.

Many unanswered questions

So far the case has only led to more and more questions and very few answers. Authorities say they are trying to determine how both women ended up shot in the head. They are not currently looking for suspects and that they are proceeding with the case as if it were a death investigation and not one of murder.

The women were at the range with just one small caliber pistol. The range is set up so that each shooter’s lane is a kind of wooden stall. Both women were in the same lane when the incident occurred.

Video of the shooting has been viewed by authorities. The video shows both women suddenly collapsing at virtually the same time. The video also shows other shooters running to their side.

Just about every aspect of the case is a question, authorities have said. No suicide note was found but a suicide pact has not been taken off the table. The police are also not sure who fired the gun or guns. They are also not sure if the sisters were hit at the same time by two different bullets or if the same bullet passed through one and hit the other.

The sisters had taken a taxicab to the range. They had been there for more than an hour when the shooting occurred. It is also uncertain when the surviving sister will be returned home. Authorities had notified their family back in Australia of the incident and the pending investigation.

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