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Boston Red Sox owners to buy Liverpool soccer team

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An announcement has come from the English town of Liverpool that agreements have been reached to sell their Premier League club soccer team to the owners of the Boston Red Sox. The same announcement also said that legal action will be taken against the current American owners of the club in order to force them out so the new owners can step in.

According to details released yesterday the deal will amount to about 300 million pounds. That translates to about $477 million. The soccer clubs is current in debt for 285 million pounds, or $453 million, and that money is due by October 15.

Sale not entirely smooth

The deal has not been smooth. The deal was initially accepted by the non-owner board members. There have been members of the ownership who are against the move and have tried to prevent the sale. There has also been a competing bid by an Asian company.

According to those who want the sale to go through to New England Sports Ventures, they have the kind of winning record the struggling Liverpool team has been looking for. The Boston Red Sox have won two World Series and routinely make it into the post-season in recent years.

The Liverpool team is currently off to one of its worse starts ever. The team lost a key game on Sunday against Blackpool to have the worst start since 1953. The Liverpool team has not won a game in five matches. They were also knocked out of the League Cup by the Northampton team, which is a team also struggling somewhere in the four tier of league teams.

The hard start of the season has led to the turmoil in the management ranks. Over the weekend moves were made to try and replace key members of the board to make the sale go through more easily. Meanwhile, fans and supporters of the team have lodged protests and protested at matches against the moves by some of the board members. It seems not everyone is happy with the Red Sox ownership coming to town.

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