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Car ends up on George W. Bush’s lawn

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A man was questioned last night after his car crashed and ended up on the front lawn of former President George W. Bush’s home near Dallas, but was ultimately released.

It was a strange and busy night for the Secret Service who protect Presidents even after they have left office. In Dallas, last night, a man ended up crashing his muscle car onto the lawn of former President of the United States, George W. Bush. He was detained briefly and questioned, but ultimately released.

According to statements given to the media, the former President and his wife were home at the time of the incident but no one inside the home was harmed. It is believed, according to the Secret Service, that the entire incident was a legitimate accident and there was no intent on part of the driver to harm anyone inside the home.

Authorities told the press that the suspect had been visiting a friend’s home that happened to be in the same gated community as Mr. Bush’s home, near Dallas, Texas. He told investigators that he was attempting to leave the area and his gas pedal got stuck.

Fortunately no one was hurt, not even the driver. No Secret Service men were harmed, either. There was also no damage to the former President’s home.

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