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Car kills man in his own home, exposes pot growing operation

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Zachary Isenberg was sitting in his living room playing video games when his neighbor’s car drove through his living room, killing him, but exposing his drug operation.

Isenberg reportedly heard his neighbor’s car accelerating. The 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis was being driven by Isenberg’s elderly neighbor. The neighbor was attempting to back up out of her driveway when he accelerator got stuck and the car plowed through the living room and right where Isenberge was standing.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Isenberg was alive when the emergency officials came to the residence. Isenberg was taken to Silver Cross Hospital in nearby Joliet, Illinois where he was eventually pronounced dead. What came next was even more shocking to authorities.

First, they found Isenberg’s weeping and mourning roommate amidst the wreckage and damage in the home. Then they found a locked bathroom. When they pried open the door, they found a marijuana-growing operation.

Isenberg was sitting on the couch playing video games with his roommate when he sound of he car attracted his attention to the front window. His roommate was able to leap to safety. His roommate, Thomas Micucci, was arrested and charged with operating the drug operation.

In addition to the marijuana, the police found other drug material. The found cocaine and an unregistered firearm on he premises. Micucci was also taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries and then arrested. He was able to get out of jail and go back to his home for a time early Sunday morning.

The neighbor and the passenger in her car were also taken to Silver Cross Hospital. They also suffered some minor injuries, but nothing serious. Police do believe that it was an accident and that the accelerator of the car just got stuck.

So far the emergency officials have been unable to remove the car from the front wall of the home. Structural engineers state that the damage caused by the car to that wall have made the residence structurally unsound and removing the car could cause more damage.

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