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Charges filed against mother of deceased teen in Berwyn, IL

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The woman whose son was found sick and later died at a local hospital and had a home filled with over 200 animals has now been charged with child abuse charges by the local police.

The incident happened over the weekend in south suburban Berwyn, Illinois, near Chicago. Police responded to a call that a teenage boy was unresponsive. When they arrived at the home they found the boy had been placed on the front lawn, apparently so authorities would not go inside the home.

According to local media reports, the mother of the deceased teen, who has been held by the Berwyn police since she was arrested, has now been charged. The charges include criminal abuse, neglect and child endangerment. Other teenagers in the home were also found to be ill and all of them were taken to local hospitals and then taken away by the Department of Children and Family Services.

When the authorities entered the home they found it was crawling with animals. The home was also crammed with feces and urine. Hundreds of animals, including birds, monkeys and exotic pets like kinkajous were found in the home. The animals were taken by Animal Control.

The young man who died was autopsied and it was determined that he died of natural causes. The official cause of death was bronchopneumonia. The other teenagers were also sick and the mother reportedly told police they had been sick since September 4, but she felt that they were getting better.

Investigators say that the children were evidently kept in isolation, away from neighbors, friends and school. Authorities were quick to point out that social isolation is a key factor in abusive homes as it prevents neighbors from knocking on the door and finding out what’s going on inside.

Neighbors told police that the children in the home were never seen going to school. The family also reportedly lived in the home for about eight years.

The children were described as sickly and severely malnourished.

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