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Charges leveled against two for bilking 96-year-old out of thousands

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Two people have now been charged by police for reportedly stealing over $100,000 from the bank account of a 96-year-old woman.

The theft was discovered when the 96-year-old victim visited her doctor. It was determined that she needed hearing aids. When she was taken to her local bank to withdraw the money for the new hearing aids it was discovered that she had only about $30 left in her account. Missing was about $140,000 that should have been there.

According to a story in the Chicago Sun-Times, police have arrested two people for the theft. Timothy Zink, 59, and Rosemary Zink, 58, have now been charged with unlawful financial exploitation of an elderly person. They were taken into custody by McHenry County, Illinois, police and transported to the McHenry County Jail. Bonds have been set for both, at about $40,000. They will next appear in court on Friday.

The identity of the victim has not been released. However, the police have reminded the public that elder abuse need to take a physical form. Often times, criminals and con-artists take advantage of elderly people financially, as well. McHenry Police are also reminding residents to check on their elderly friends and relatives, and to check their bank accounts and make sure that all money is accounted for.

The two suspects were taken into custody on November 3. The investigation into their activities started back in July. Investigators began looking into records and tracking down withdrawals and checks from the victim’s account. It was then that they discovered the false signatures and access into the account that led to the theft.

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