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Chicago area girl finds inch-long piece of metal in her French fry

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It was just supposed to be a late night snack brought home by her father, when he brought home Wendy’s French fries for his family and then his daughter bit into a fry and found something unexpected.

Danny Keathley brought the food home last Friday night in the West suburban suburb of Melrose Park. He bought a bunch of items, 15 in all, as well as a bunch of the new Wendy’s sea salt French fries. His daughter, Jessica, grabbed those fries and started to eat, but she didn’t get very far.

According to media reports, she bit into a fry and felt something sharp poking against her teeth. She removed the French fry and pulled out an inch-long piece of metal from her partially eaten fry. She yelled for her father and he came to see what she was holding.

Keathley immediately took the food, and the incriminating piece of metal, back to the Wendy’s store where he had purchased the food. He received a full refund of $25.57 for his purchase. The next morning he contacted the company and filed a formal complaint via the customer hotline.

Wendy’s has now released a statement that the Wendy’s store in Melrose Park complied with all safety standards used by the chain throughout the country. That included inspecting all of their equipment and machines, including the fry-cooker. The company claims that they do not have any idea as to why or how the metal ended up inside the French fry. The store did another search after Keathley returned the food and filed his complaint and they found no missing metal.

Keathley insists that he has no plans to sue the company and is not seeking publicity or compensation. There have been accusations of objects found in Wendy’s food in the past and many of them turned out to be hoaxes. Wendy’s says that they are taking this most recent claim seriously, but that they have yet to determine how the metal could have ended up in the food.

Keathley says that while he does not want money, he would like an apology from the company and explanation. He says his daughter is now afraid to eat.

Wendy’s spokesmen said that they had contacted Keathley and that they alerted the fast food chain’s insurance company. They state that this is standard procedure in case the family does decide to bring any legal action.

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