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Chicago area still battered by high winds and waves

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The National Weather Service and meteorologists across the city are still warning residents about high winds and the threat of high waves against Lakeshore Drive.

The Chicago area has been battered for about twelve hours with high winds and high waves. The winds have gusted to near gale-force strength and caused damage and power outages across the city. The area near the lake has been battered with huge waves.

According to media reports, the weather warnings and advisories are still in effect until about 10 a.m. Thursday morning. Residents are warned to stay indoors as much as possible and to avoid the areas near the lake at all costs.

One of the iconic landmarks of the city has already suffered because of the wind. The Morton Salt billboard, which has stood next to the Kennedy Expressway, for decades, came down in the high winds.

The path along the lake front has been closed and remains closed as of Thursday morning. Last month, during another weather event with high winds and waves, runners and bikers were knocked down as they attempted to get through that area. Residents are being warned that serious injury could occur if they attempt to go out and head toward that area.

Waves from 20 to 25-feet battered the shores of Lake Michigan during the storm. Winds have gusted to near 50 miles per hour. Steady rain has also accompanied the high winds, drenching the city.

So far ComEd, the electricity company, has been able to keep an eye on the storm and prevent widespread outages. Last night the utility company reported just over 6,000 outages. There were reportedly 3,000 in the city limits with 2,000 in the northern suburbs. Also reported were 900 in the western suburbs and 400 in the south.

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