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Chicago area warned about high winds and danger along lakeshore

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The Chicago area is bracing for more severe weather as the National Weather Service issues more warnings about high winds and dangerous waves near the lake.

The Chicago area has had a mixture of weather all year long so far in 2011. The first of the year saw the worst blizzard in nearly 30 years strike the city. All summer long the city alternated between severe thunderstorms with intense heat. The Fall has been a mixture of intense rain, cold and wind with pleasant and unnaturally warm weather.

Now, according to local media reports, the Chicago area is bracing for more fickle and brutal Fall weather. The National Weather Service has issued high wind warnings for the Chicago area starting late Wednesday afternoon and extending into Thursday morning. In particular, they are warning anyone in and around the shores of Lake Michigan to be careful for high winds and high waved fueled by the winds.

The wind is expected to gust up to 50 to 60 miles per hour starting about 3 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon for the entire Chicago area. The winds and weather are also expected to kick up waves near the lake shore and those waves could get as high as 20 feet.

High winds battered the Chicago area a few weeks ago. Video went viral showing runners and bikers along Lakeshore Drive in Chicago being swept out into the roiling waters from huge waves battering the shore.

By 7 a.m. Wednesday morning high waves were already starting to batter the shoreline. The winds are expected to get higher as the day wears on, bringing driving rains and cloudy conditions to the area, as well.

The lakeshore flood warning also goes into effect at 3 p.m. The highest winds will be Wednesday evening and overnight. The wind advisory goes until about 10 a.m. on Thursday morning. The Chicago area can expect rain totals around a half-inch to one-and-a-half inches in some parts of the metro area.

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