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Chicago crime numbers down, but same numbers up in surrounding areas

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According to information from the FBI, the number of crimes in Chicago are down, but the same numbers in areas around the city, such as Elgin, Rockford and Joliet show increases.

In fact, the same report from the FBI shows that crime, overall, across the entire country, is down. The exceptions to the trend were three of the biggest cities in Illinois outside of Chicago.

According to media reports, the FBI numbers showed that violent crime in Chicago is down in 2010. In fact, the number was down 11 percent. Property crime was also down, but only slightly, dropping only one percent.

Across the country, crime numbers were down 5.5 percent, for violent crimes. For property crimes, across the country, the numbers were down 2.8 percent.

However, the cities of Rockford, Elgin and Joliet showed increases of a significant amount. Rockford showed an increase of 10 percent in violent crime. Joliet showed a 9 percent increase and Elgin showed an increase of 8 percent in violent crime. Joliet also had an increase in property crime of 8 percent.

All three of the cities with the increase in crime numbers have been particularly hard hit by the recession. Rockford had the highest rate, per capita, of violent crime. There were 14 violent crimes per every 1,000 residents. At the same time, Rockford showed a decline of about 10 percent in property crime. Despite that decline, the city still had the highest property crime rates in the state.

In the city of Chicago, the crime rate dropped, but the crime rate was still high. There were 10 violent crimes for every 1,000 residents. Property crime numbers held steady in Chicago and there was even an increase of about 23 percent in the theft o automobiles.

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