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Chicago crime stats show crime is down in Windy City

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Chicago is a city known for its crime. In recent years that crime has been against young people as crime in schools seems to have gone up at an alarming rate. October crime statistics, however, show that there has been a decrease in violent crime in the Midwestern city.

The only area of crime that showed an increase, according to statistics released this past weekend, was car theft. It is up 22.9 percent from 2009.

Violence down 9.8 percent

The statistics were released by the Chicago Police Department on Sunday. They show a decrease in violent crimes of 9.8 percent from 2009 statistics. Homicides were down 2.3 percent and there had been a total of 379 murders so far in 2010. According the police this puts Chicago on a pace to have a lower number of murders than any other year since 1965.

Jody Weis, Police Superintendent, released a statement that said a large portion of the murders in the statistics were gang-related. Recently the Chicago Police have been shifting their focus on reducing gang activity in the city. According to Weis, nearly 55 percent of the homicides could be chalked up to gang-related activities.

For Chicago this is the 22nd straight month of reduced crime stats. This includes violent crime and property crimes.

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