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Chicago CTA premiers new Train Tracker system

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Chicago Transit Authority finally debuts the long-awaited Train Tracker technology that is supposed to make commuting on the CTA easier for commuters.

The announcement that the Train Tracker technology was finally available came from the Mayor’s office on Saturday morning. The technology will allow commuters to receive estimated times of arrival on trains throughout Chicago’s L-train system via their computers and internet-accessible smartphones.

Those who want to see the entire CTA line and the train arrival estimated times can visit the website and then follow links for the CTA Train Tracker portion of the website. The site allows commuters to check all 144 train stations throughout the CTA system and all eight of Chicago’s L-lines.

The website prompts commuters to select the rail line that they plan on using. They can then select what station they will be using. From there commuters can see arrival time estimates in 15-minute intervals. The data is then refreshed every 20 to 30 seconds.

The site is also customizable. Users can select how many stations they view at once and in one order. Commuters can also sort the data by the specific platform they will be using or the route.

The estimated times of arrival is gathered from a number of different data segments. Scheduling information and data systems used by the CTA in order to signal trains are used to feed information into the system and provide the data.

The CTA is also asking for commuter and user feedback. They have plans to streamline and update the appearance of the site in the near future. Those who have suggestions can email the CTA at

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