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Chicago Cubs legend Phil Cavarretta dies at 94

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Chicago Cubs legend played for the north side baseball team for 20 seasons and even faced off against Babe Ruth.

Phil Cavarretta was a Chicagoan through and through. He was born in the City in 1916 and went to Lane Tech high school. It was there that he first started playing baseball and learned he had talent. Before long he was playing for the north side team, the Chicago Cubs, before he had even graduated from high school.

Cavarretta passed away this weekend at the age of 94, according to a report by the Chicago Tribune and NBC 5 in Chicago.

Cavarretta was on the team that last went to the World Series in 1945. The Cubs lost that series, however, and ultimately generated the legend of the Curse of the Billy Goat. Cavarretta was the league MVP at one time. He also faced off against Babe Ruth back in 1935. Cavarretta is believed to be the last living baseball player to have faced off against the legend.

Cavarretta got the nickname “Philibuck” and was known for his impressive athleticism. He ended up spending a full 20 seasons with the Cubs, and that made him the longest-playing Cub. He then spent a single season playing across town with the Chicago White Sox before retiring. He then spent time in the game of baseball as a scout, manager and coach until the 1970s.

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