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Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field likely candidate to host 2016 All-Star game

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Sources from major league baseball have told the press that one of the oldest stadiums in the major leagues is a strong candidate to host the 2016 All-Star game.

In prior years the Chicago Cubs management had petitioned the baseball commissioner and major league baseball to host the 2014 event. However, it is believed that the old stadium just was not in condition to host the event, according to undisclosed sources inside the baseball management.

According to MSNBC, the baseball commissioner Bud Selig visited the stadium just this past Wednesday and commented on the possibility of the 2014 game. He stated that the idea was "appealing," but he was unable or unwilling to commit to that date.

The Cubs are now under new management. The Ricketts family now owns the Cubs and the stadium. The family has plans to refurbish parts of the park. Reportedly, to get the game, the stadium would need to refurbish the stadium’s interior and parts of the exterior. Reports are the Rickett’s family has plans to do those improvements within the next five years.

In recent months the family has been making offers and moves to try and purchase land around the stadium. Reports are that the family has huge plans for the Wrigleyville area which surrounds the park. The family reportedly has plans to build hotels, restaurants and other forms of entertainment around the park.

The year 2016 would be an important one for Wrigley Field. It would be its 100th anniversary hosting the Cubs. The park itself was build in 1914, but it was host to the short-lived Federal League Chicago Whales for two seasons before the Cubs moved in.

The Cubs have hosted All-Star games previously. They hosted in 1947, 1962 and 1990.

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