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Chicago Mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel defends his residency claims

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Hearing continues to determine if Emanuel had any residency claims to Chicago to qualify for mayoral run.

Wednesday continued the hearing where intended mayoral candidate, Rahm Emanuel, fielded questions over whether or not he had any residency in the Chicago are to qualify for a run at the mayor’s office. Testifying on Wednesday was a resident at Emanuel’s Ravenswood home who had leased the home from Emanuel.

Emanuel left no boxes or items

According to Lori Halpin, the resident, Emanuel did not leave any items or boxes, as he claimed previously. She stated that there were no items in the home that she had not brought with her when she moved in. The only item she mentioned Emanuel indicated he would be leaving behind would be a piano.

Emanuel had stated that he left about 100 boxes in the home, in a locked storage locker in the basement. When questioned by attorneys for and against Emanuel Halpin said she was unaware of any such storage lockers in the home.

The question over the residency is key to whether or not Emanuel can continue a run for Mayor of Chicago. The former member of President Obama’s inner circle is from Chicago and indicated that he would run for mayor of the city of current mayor, Richard Daley, ever decided not to run. Daley indicated in 2010 that he would not run again and Emanuel returned to Chicago.

The question is did Emanuel give up his residency in the city when he moved to Washington D.C. to be part of the President’s cabinet. Emanuel has claimed that he left items behind in his Ravenswood home and always intended to return. He also claims to have maintained a dual residency during his time in Washington D.C.

There is some speculation now that Emanuel may have perjured himself if there were no boxes left behind. However, friends of Emanuel also have testified that they witnessed the boxes he claims to have left behind being stored in storage lockers in the home.

The Chicago Board of Elections hopes to have some determination on Emanuel’s residency claims in the next few days.

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