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Chicago section of highway named most congested in country for trucks

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The notorious junction between the Eisenhower Expressway, the Kennedy Expressway and the Dan Ryan Expressway has been named the most congested in the country for truck traffic.

The area of the three major expressways that lead through downtown Chicago is infamous for being a log jam during rush hour, particularly the evening rush hour. A new report, released on Wednesday, has now named that junction the number one bottleneck for truck traffic in the entire country.

According to the Chicago Tribune, there were several Chicago-area sections of highway made the list. Besides the infamous Circle Interchange, the area of Interstate 65 and I-80 near Gary, Indiana also made the list, close behind. It came in number 6 on the list.

The report comes from the American Transportation Research Institute and the report released on Wednesday ranks the tp 250 worst highway bottlenecks in the nation. The report was done in conjunction with the Federal Highway Institution.

Other infamous Chicago areas that made the list include the spot where the Kennedy Expressway and the Edens Expressway join up on the city’s north side. That heavy-traffic spot came in number 8 on the list.

At number 45 on the list is the spot where the I-290 extension meets with the Veterans Memorial Tollway, also known as I-355.

The top five highways with the worst troubles as far as congestion and bottlenecks were actually located in and around the Houston area. However, the fact that several Chicago highway areas made the list is not a surprise to most Chicagoans who travel the roads on a daily basis. In other reports ranking the worst roads for congestion in the country, many Chicago area expressways end up in the top 20.

The report stated that the Circle Interchange has been a disaster for traffic, and trucks in particular, for decades. However, recent construction projects, which have reduced lanes and caused other closures, has made it much worse recently.

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