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Christmas miracle for one local Chicago charity

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It looked like it would be a bleak Christmas for the Chicago charity known as Kidz Korna when vandals set fire to one of their vans which was filled with Christmas presents for the needy.

However, once the story got out, the city of Chicago responded. The charity is located on the south side of the city, on 79th street, and there are local families who have been hit hard by the economy who were depending on the charity to provide a decent Christmas for their kids. According to one worker at the charity, they lost hope the day their van was set fire and burned into a charred husk.

On Wednesday, however, the doors to Kidz Korna were open and a long line of people were allowed in. Inside, instead of empty shelves, they found toys, games and all manner of Christmas treasures for families to hand out.

According to reports to the local Chicago media, the employees of the local charity received calls from kind-hearted people from across the country. Calls came in from Denver and New York, according to one employee. In one case a woman said her own kids gave up their own Christmas toys to have them shipped to Kidz Korna.

Over $40 thousand worth of donations poured into the charity. In addition to the toys, several brand new vans were also donated. The charity actually ended up with at least one van more than they could use and gave away one to a local man so he could get back to work.

Kidz Korna has a motto of helping out local children and families by providing motivation, education and inspiration from youth classified as at-risk. They also get promises from families who receive their donations to help stop violence in their local communities.

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