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Chrysler recalling thousands of minivans due to air bag issue

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The American car company, currently owned by the Italian car company Fiat SpA, announced today that it will be recalling nearly 300,000 minivans.

The problem appears to be with the minivans’ air conditioning and heating system. There is a problem that can cause the air bag to deploy while the car is in motion. This is the second time the minivans have been recalled in nine months.

According to media reports, the letter from the Chrysler Corporation that the minivans that will be recalled included 2008 Grand Voyager, Town and Country and the Dodge Grand Caravan.

The problem inside the air conditioning and heating unit apparently causes condensation to form. This can, in turn, leak onto a sensor module. When the sensor is triggered, the car will set off a warning light and could, potentially, trigger the air bag. The air bags, of course, come out with incredible force and could cause injury and by their nature, completely obscure the road in front of the driver.

Owners are asked to bring their vehicle to their nearest Chrysler dealership. Norther American dealers are going to make a replacement and fix the problem free of charge.

Last year, there was another recall by Chrysler in the same vehicles. Again, it was a problem within the heating and cooling system. In that case, tubing located in the vehicles was causing more problems with condensation.

There have, so far, been no reports of the air bag deploying and injuring anyone or causing any accidents.

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