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Cincinnati Reds pitcher Chapman throws fastest pitch ever recorded

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The rumors began about a month ago about a young pitcher named Aroldis Chapman throwing a pitch in the minor leagues that reached a blistering speed of 105-mph. Now that Chapman has made an appearance in the major leagues and pitched against the Padres, the rumors can be declared as true.

During last night’s game against the San Diego Padres Aroldis Chapman threw a pitch that was officially recorded at 105-mph. It has been officially declared the fastest pitch ever recorded in Major League Baseball.

Prior to Chapman the record was held by Joel Zumaya who threw a pitch in a playoff game in 2006 that was recorded at a speed of 14.8-mph. Officially, Chapman’s pitch was recorded at 105.1-mph.

During the entire game, which ended in a loss for the Reds despite Chapman’s effort, he threw a total of 25 pitches. Every one of the 25 he threw were recorded at speeds over 100 mph. He faced off against slugger Adrian Gonzalez and sent him down swinging on three pitches. Those three pitches reached speeds of 102, 102 and 103. He also threw three pitches that reached 104.

Also on record is the fact that Chapman, during his entire professional career, has thrown 159 total pitches. Of those pitches, 74 of them have reached 100 mph.

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