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Clerical error leads to $200K loss for cop’s widow

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Susan Vincent’s husband died about a year ago and should have been receiving payments from his life insurance, but, instead, a clerical error may have cost the woman thousands.

Now, a federal lawsuit has been filed against the city of Chicago, where her husband served as a police officer. According to the suit filed on behalf of Vincent stated that she may have been bilked out of as much as $200,000 since her husband passed away. All of this may have been due to a simple clerical error.

According to Chicago media reports, Dean Vincent made regular and steady payments for his $300,000 life insurance policy. Dean Vincent passed away last year due to heart problems. Despite the heart problems, he was still an active member of the police force and qualified for the life insurance pay outs.

Susan Vincent says that she has only received $100,000 of the $300,000 she was owed. The lawsuit says that the blame lies within the city of Chicago and an error in the paperwork that was submitted by Dean Vincent when he made a change to his life insurance policy. The lawsuit says that the city did not properly fill out the paperwork and file it properly for Vincent and another city employee. In particular, the paperwork for the change in the amount of life insurance Vincent was due was not properly filed by the city of Chicago.

The city did not have a comment on Vincent’s case or the lawsuit. They told the local press that they were launching an internal investigation into the matter. The clerk who was working for the city department of human resources is now no longer working for the city.

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