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Comedian Arthur Dietrich from popular 70s TV show dies

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Steve Landesberg became famous for playing the ultra-intelligent detective known as Arthur Dietrich on the 1970s comedy "Barney Miller."

Landesberg passed away from cerebral cancer, according to information released by his agent. Landesberg was 65.

Landesberg came on board the cast of the 1970s sit-com set in a New York City detective’s department police station. He played the very cerebral detective who delivered his punch-lines in a trademark deadpan style. The full series ran from 1975 through 1982.

In addition to his work with the show, Landesberg was also a comedian and made guest appearances on number of other television shows. He was on “Saturday Night Live” and “The Golden Girls” and made a guest appearance on “Law & Order.” He also was one of the actors in the comedy film “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”

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