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Couple on motorcycle injured in wrong-way collision near Naperville, IL

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A man and a woman on a motorcycle were injured on Warrenville Road, near Naperville, IL, when a Honda Accord drove the wrong way into oncoming traffic.

Both the man and woman were taken to a local hospital and both of them had life threatening injuries. However, witnesses and he victims stated that the car veered, suddenly, into oncoming traffic and caused the accident.

According to media reports, the car in question was a 2004 Honda Accord. The car was heading west on Warrenville Road. When it got near Herrick Road, at about 6:30 p.m., the care veered into the opposite lane and directly into the path of oncoming traffic. The Accord then hit one other car before colliding with the motorcycle.

So far police have no reason for the crash. The same area, on a different highway, was the scene of an accident where a man drove the wrong way on the major road. It is believed that the driver of that car in that accident was trying to kill himself when he did so. That car accident ended up in the death of at least one other person.

The two on the motorcycle were injured, but police were not forthcoming with a status update on their condition. They were transported to Edward Hospital in Naperville, IL.

Warrenville Road and Herrick Road were both closed for much of the night. Both roads had been re-opened by the time Thursday morning rush hour came.

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