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Dad offers to buy lawyer in exchange for name of son’s killer

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Zachary Marco was just 21 years old when he was shot and killed during a robbery on the Arizona State University campus. His money was gone and so was his laptop. The police have no leads and no idea who might have committed the crime, ending the life of a very promising young man. Now, however, his father has made an offer that many are stunned that he had decided to make in an attempt to find the man who shot his son.

He wants his son’s killer

From the start the police stated that they believed there were two men involved in the crime. One of them shot Zachary. The other drove the car. Zachary’s father has gone on local television and stated that all he wants is his son’s killer.

Since the police have no leads, that means the person who knows who did the shooting is probably the man who was driving the car. So, Zachary’s father has stated that he will buy the best legal team he can find for the person who drove the car. In exchange, he wants that person to testify against the man who shot his son.

The police and his family say that Zachary’s father has the means and the money to afford the best defense attorneys. As of right now, however, no one has stepped forward offering anything about who did the shooting. The police say that they are still looking for leads.

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