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Decision for Quinn in Illinois governor’s race seems inevitable

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It seems like there will be a victory party for Democrat Pat Quinn after all in the as-yet undecided governor’s race in Illinois. Although Republican candidate Bill Brady has yet to concede and seems to be pinning his hopes on about 2,000 military absentee ballots, it seems statistically impossible for Brady to win. Quinn currently has about a 16,000 vote lead over Brady with about 11,000 uncounted absentee ballots left to go.

Uncounted ballots in Cook County

It seems as if most of the uncounted ballots are in Cook County, which is also Chicago. Nearly all of the precincts in Cook County have gone for Quinn. As such, it seems unlikely that the remaining ballots would be enough for Brady to declare victory.

The city of Chicago went 3-to-1 in favor of Quinn according to the votes that have already been counted. More than likely, election experts have said, the remaining votes would only increase Quinn’s lead.

It appears as if the Brady camp is holding out making any kind of statement until the last of 2,000 military votes are counted. However, statisticians have said that those 2,000 would likely not be enough to push him over into victory. Pat Quinn has also established a fairly popular reputation among military men, so at least a significant portion of those ballots are likely to be in Quinn’s favor.

Brady has a reputation of winning by a narrow margin and having to come from behind to do so. When he won his senate seat he had to defeat his opponent by a very narrow margin. At that time a mere 193 votes separated him and his opponent. Brady seems to have been counting on something similar to happen in the governor’s race. Right now, the experts seem to suggest that this will not be a repeat of that previous victory.

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