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Democrat Pat Quinn officially winner of Illinois governor’s race

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It appears as if Governor Pat Quinn, a Democrat, will remain in the office for the state of Illinois. The race between incumbent Quinn and Republican opponent Bill Brady had been in question since the general election on Tuesday. However, earlier today, the Associated Press reported that election officials had determined that it was statistically impossible for Brady to pull out a victory.

According to the report, Quinn has received 47 percent of the vote and 100 percent of the precincts have reported. With the votes counted, according to the AP, Quinn now has a lead over Brady of more than 19,000 votes. This means it is mathematically impossible for the win to go to Brady.

Election results still not certified

The report is coming from the AP, but so far it has not been made official by the election board. Brady has also still not conceded. As such, Quinn has yet to declare himself a winner. With the win, it would be the first electoral win for Quinn.

According to Brady’s camp, they are still looking for input from election authorities. They have said that while 19,000 votes is a lot, they are not certain how many votes are left to count. The last of the counting has centered around absentee ballots and ballots from military personnel.

Quinn went into the election ahead of Brady by only a few points. He was also criticized for running a disorganized campaign. The race between Brady and Quinn was particularly nasty with both sides hurling insults and accusations at each other throughout.

It appears as if most of the votes for Quinn have come from the areas of northern Illinois, such as Cook County in Chicago. While much of the votes for Brady came from smaller towns in central and southern Illinois. Some feel that Brady may have been unfamiliar to voters in key parts of the state which made the voters side with Quinn, instead.

Quinn has been hampered by the fact that he took over from impeached and indicted Governor Rod Blagojevich. He also inherited the mess Blagojevich left and a state that has a $13 billion deficit.

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