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Driver who struck and killed nephew turns himself in to police

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Aurora, Illinois, police say that Rodolfo Pichardo turned himself in to police after reportedly running over his own nephew and killing him on Saturday.

Police had been looking for Pichardo since the accident happened on May 21. The reports from relatives was that Pichardo had been in his vehicle, with a friend, when he backed his vehicle up and ran over his 15-month-old nephew. Reports were that Pichardo and the other man initially got out of the vehicle, but that he got back in and drove off.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the nephew, Jared Pichardo, died from his injuries. Rodolfo was wanted for questioning by the Aurora police and local Chicago media had been filled with photos and pleas from police that he turn himself in or that someone would report his location.

Reports stated that Rodolfo called relatives today. That family member then contacted the police. The police then coached and spoke to the relative to get him to turn himself in. Rodolfo was convinced and soon set foot in an Aurora, Illinois, police station.

According to Aurora, Illinois, Rodolfo was still in a police station undergoing questioning. At this point, however, he has yet to be charged with a specific crime. However, it is believed that charges will be pending. At the very least a charge of leaving the scene of an accident are considered likely.

There have been no reports of what happened to the other man who was reportedly in the vehicle along with Rodolfo. Aurora police have not released a statement asking for his location nor have they released a description.

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