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Off-duty Chicago police officer killed

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It is the fourth such shooting death of a police officer in 2010 for the city of Chicago. Police and authorities are investigating the shooting death of an off-duty officer on Chicago’s southwest side.

The off-duty officer was found dead from a gunshot wound in the 2900 block of West Seipp Street in the neighborhood of Chicago known as Wrightwood. He was found at about 6:30 p.m., according to a statement released by the Chicago Police Department.

15-year veteran

The statement from the police superintendent stated that the victim was a 15-year veteran of the force. He was also a member of the elite SWAT team. He was found with a single gunshot wound to the head in his own personal vehicle. As of right now, the officer’s identity is being withheld until his family can be notified.

Chicago has a history of officers being shot while off duty this year. Back in July officer Michael Bailey was shot down at his home. Officer Thor Soderberg was gunned down just two weeks before that incident. In May, officer Thomas Wortham was shot and killed while standing outside of his father’s home by three men.

All of the shootings are still open investigations. This shooting comes just a few weeks after crime numbers for the Chicago area showed that the murder rate had gone down. Police are not releasing any information about any suspects in the most recent shooting.

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