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Earthquake rocks San Fernando Valley

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Earthquake experts are saying that an earthquake rattled the San Fernando Valley area at a 4.3 magnitude and then following, almost immediately, by a 3.0 aftershock.

The seismologists who first confirmed the earthquake actually upgraded the initial shake to the 4.3 magnitude. Previously it had been stated that it was a 4.2 quake. After an earthquake of that magnitude it is common to get aftershocks, but they are usually small. This time there was a 3.0 aftershock almost immediately following the initial quake. The center of the earthquake was located near Newhall.

According to media reports, the first quake hit the area about 1:47 p.m. After shaking buildings and homes in the area for several seconds, there was a silence. Then at about 2:35 p.m. the 3.0 aftershock hit. There were no reports of deaths or injuries from either quake at this point. There have also been no reports of any significant damage to the area.

The effects of the earthquake were felt up and down the California coast. All across the area of Los Angeles and downtown Los Angeles felt the quake. This resulted in hundreds of Los Angeles residents contacting the U.S. Geological Survey site known as “Did You Feel It” and notifying the agency that they felt the quake.

Emergency officials in and around Los Angeles told the press that they had not received any calls from residents asking for assistance related to the quake.

This is the latest in a recent spate of earthquakes. The most famous one was a rare earthquake that shook the east coast, just days before hurricane Irene also hit the same area. That earthquake was inland and shook buildings from Virginia all the way up to Boston.

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