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Eight dead in Ohio after family argument erupts in shooting

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Police in Copley Township, near Akron, Ohio, are saying that a family dispute escalated into shooting this Sunday afternoon.

The details are still coming out in a small town near Akron, Ohio. However, it seems that at least eight people are dead after a family argument escalated into a shooting rampage. One of the dead apparently includes an 11-year-old boy.

According to media reports out of Ohio, the police are saying that one member of the family, after an argument, apparently returned to the home near Akron and began shooting. Five people were shot to death in the home where the argument occurred and then the shooter wandered to another location and shot three more people.

Police have confirmed that they responded to the call of shots being fired. They then apparently cornered and shot the shooter.

The details of who is dead and who is wounded is still forthcoming. It is known that at least eight people are dead and one of those is 11. Another victim appears to be wounded.

Copley Township is a small town of about 14,000 residents. Copley Township is located near Akron. It is also about 40 miles south of Cleveland and located in northeast Ohio.

Police told the press that they are still at the scene and trying to find out the details. So far, it is now known who is related to whom and how. Exactly how the shooter is related to those who were shot is also unclear. Police are still collecting evidence and questioning neighbors to try and piece together what happened.

Police, including the police chief Michael Mier, have told the press that they will have more information about the shooting as details become evident. The names of all of the people who are involved have been withheld at this time.

UPDATE: Police are now warning residents to stay away from the area. The shooting occurred near Schocalog Road and Goodenough Avenue. Neighbors have also told the press that they heard the shooting start at about 11 a.m.

UPDATE: Police say that the gunman did open fire on police, causing them to return fire. They are also saying that when they arrived on the scene they found dead bodies in four different locations. The woman who is reportedly a survivor of the shooting has been taken to Akron General Hospital, but there is no further word of her condition at this time.


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