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Facebook announces purchase of start-up, Beluga

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Today the social media giant, Facebook, announced that it had reached a deal to buy the eight-month-old start-up company known as Beluga.

The deal, which was made public today, would give Facebook a niche in a new market known as group texting. Beluga is a small company consisting of three people, all of whom are former members of Google, Inc. The company is located in Palo Alto, California, which is very close to Facebook’s headquarters.

According to media reports, the financial details of the deal have yet to be released. The concept of group texting, which involves sending a text message to a number of different people at once, is relatively new and still relatively small. However, the phenomenon is expected to debut at the South by Southwest conference, which has become a place for new social media to premier.

Beluga just recently passed a milestone where it has sent 1 million messages. Social media experts say that the deal with Facebook should greatly expand Beluga’s reach. Fans of Beluga, however, should not see any immediate difference in their service.

Both Beluga and Facebook wrote on their blogs that they have no plans to change the core service of what Beluga offers.

The world of group texting is starting to grow. Today a competitor of Beluga, GroupMe, announced a new version of its application. Their update will connect GroupMe with Foursquare to allow people to add locations.


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