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"Falling Skies" loses a major character, but finds hope

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The Steven Spielberg-produced science fiction show is just two episodes into its second season, but already a main character has been killed off, but a new direction and new hope has been found for the rest of the cast.

The show Falling Skies debuted last season on the basic-cable network TNT and received accolades and good ratings for solid writing and a unique look at an alien invasion of earth. It stars Noah Wyle as Tom Mason and a group of other actors, some of them less-well-known, who are the scrappy survivors trying to start a kind of resistance movement against the aliens. When the series ended its first season it left a lot of questions and fans anxiously awaited to see what would happen when it returned.

This past Sunday, the second episode aired and it showed that nothing will be the same and no one on the show is safe. The character of the young man known as Jimmy was killed off rather brutally after a run-in with one of the multi-legged aliens that are trying to wipe out humanity within the plotline of the show.

Jimmy was a character both loved and hated by fans. In the first season he routinely made mistakes that put other characters in jeopardy while trying to become an effective child soldier. He had drastically improved even over the few episodes of season two, but was no match in a face-to-face confrontation with one of the aliens this past week. He was sent flying into a tree and was impaled on a branch. The subsequent preparations and funeral provided a very touching coda to a show that often deals with elements of the characters and the alien invasion in a very militaristic style rather than with deep emotion.

At the same time, all was not lost. Another survivor from Charleston, South Carolina, showed up claiming that the entire area in and around Charleston had been wiped clean of aliens and that a provisional government had been established. At first, Weaver, the leader of the Second Mass who are the central characters of the show, was resistant to change his plans to head into the Catskills and hide out. However, he with the death of Jimmy, a young man Weaver treated like his own son, he decided to take a chance and provide some hope for his people. The entire group turned around and headed for Charleston at the end of the episode.

What happens next, of course, is anyone’s guess, but the writers have now served notice to fans. No one is safe, not even young cast members and children whom, in the course and world in which the show is centered, are asked to grow up fast and become fighters too young.

Falling Skies promotional photo courtesy of Wikipedia archives.


Submitted by kd3569 (not verified) on
Jimmie wasn't the first 'main' character to disappear from this show. In the first season, there was Ricky, another child rescued from the aliens (the only comment made about him was that 'one day he was here and the next he was gone'). Also in the first season, there was Scott, the teacher/tinkerer. He got even less said about why he was gone, "I hear you're taking over for Scott"; what? You can't get comfortable with any of the lesser cast member cuz on the next episode they might have just wandered off! I like the show, but this instability is unsettling.

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