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FBI looking at possible connection between Unabomber and Tylenol murders

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The case that has baffled law enforcement officials for decades has taken a new turn as the FBI is looking to collect DNA evidence from Ted Kaczynski in connection with decades-old poisonings.

The report came today that the FBI is looking to collect DNA evidence from Kaczynski as they continue to investigate the infamous Tylenol poisonings that shook the country back in the early 80s. Back then, several bottles of Tylenol were found to have been laced with deadly cyanide poison. The tainted pills ended up killing several people in and around the Chicago area, and changed the way medicine was packaged from then on.

According to Chicago media, the FBI claims that they are re-examining evidence collected in the case several decades ago. As part of that investigation, say FBI sources, they are looking to gather new evidence from a variety of sources, with the Unabomber being just one of them.

Over the years there have been a number of suspects and theories over who could have committed the crimes. Since the murders occurred law enforcement has re-opened the case and re-examined evidence before, but still there have been no arrests. No one has even been charged, although the crimes did respond copycat murders at the time.

The FBI said that Kaczynski has not voluntarily given any DNA samples. They are now looking for a court order that would force him to give the samples they are seeking.

Kaczynski is actually a Chicago native and lived in the area during the time of the murders. He is notorious for a number of bombings that occurred between 1978 to 1995, resulting in numerous people being injured and at least three deaths. He was arrested back in 1996 when his brother turned in evidence against him.

At that time Kaczynski was living in a small cabin in Montana. He also wrote a “manifesto” that was published in a number of newspapers that decried the increasing dependence on technology. His targets in his bombings were larger corporations and technology firms.

He currently resides in Super Max prison located in Florence, Colorado.

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