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FCC gets ready to vote on net neutrality

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The Federal Communications is set to vote on a proposal to impose rules on net neutrality on Tuesday.

Some politicians, including Minnesota Democrat Al Franken, have called the subject of net neutrality the “most important free-speech issue of our time.” Now, the FCC is set to vote, on Tuesday, in a set of rules and regulations that would guarantee net neutrality, which would mean that internet provider would be required to grant internet access equally to everyone.

President Obama has been a proponent of net neutrality. If the rules are voted on and passed, and then passed by Congress, it would be the governments largest foray into attempts to regulate the Web.

Net neutrality has become a huge issue among internet fans. Basically it means that internet providers would not be able to provide faster speeds to some companies that would pay them more money. Conversely, it would not be able to slow down or restrict access to smaller companies.

Some have said that the proposed rules that the FCC will be voting on do not go far enough. For example, the rules would not regulate mobile communications or mobile providers who provide web-access for the phones. Also, opponents say that the rules do not go far enough in restricting what internet providers can do.

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