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Final resting place of aviator Amelia Earhart may have been found

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Some scientists have said that they think they have found artifacts belonging to famed aviator Amelia Earhart on Nikumaroro Island.

It is one of the greatest mysteries of modern man. Where was the final resting place for famed aviator Amelia Earhart? She disappeared, along with a male companion, while attempting to make an around-the-world trip in her plane back in 1937. Now, however, scientists think they may have evidence to support that Earhart ended up as a castaway on a small island in the middle of the ocean known as Nikumaroro Island.

The last transmissions from Earhart’s airplane indicated that she was heading towards the South Pacific. She was traveling with a male navigator named Fred Noonan at the time. Her last transmissions indicated that there were problems with the airplane. The two were supposed to be headed for Howland Island but, through reasons that are still not fully understood, Earhart got lost and missed the landing.

During the final moments of the flight Earhart was in contact with a ship called the Itasca. It became clear that the Itasca was able to hear the transmissions from Earhart but that she was unable to hear their responses. She gave some indication of where she was heading and asked for the ship to try and locate her using that information. The ship was unable to do that and her final landing area has been a mystery for decades. In fact, it has been theorized she as lost at sea.

Now, however, scientists have found a bone fragment and a pocket-knife along with some other items that many think might have once belonged to Earhart on the small island of Nikumaroro. The island is not new to the theories behind her disappearance, but this is the first time there might be real evidence to examine. The bone fragments will be examined by the Molecular Science Laboratories at Oklahoma University to determine if they belong to the famed aviator.

Thus, one of the longest-standing and most-famous of modern mysteries may be solved.

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