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Finding of more dead geese near park prompts warning about water

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Chicago’s Animal Care and Control has now issued a warning about the water in a Southwest Side park after more dead geese were found near by.

The warning is against fishing or walking pets near the park. The geese were found Thursday night. At least seven dead geese were collected by the the Chicago Commission on Animal Care and Control. They also found two dead ducks near an island in McKinley Park which has several lagoons in it.

According to media reports, this is not the first time dead waterfowl have been found in or around the park. Tuesday night the agency collected more dead birds, these near the softball field. Now, over 28 birds have been found dead in the park just this week.

Right now the agency does not have an explanation for why the birds are dying. They plan on doing necropsies on the birds, along with toxicology tests, to try and see what it is that is causing the birds to die. The first theory was that someone might have been deliberately poisoning the birds, but now they are not so sure.

The concern is that there might be something in the water. So far there have been no reports of dead fish. However, anyone fishing in the lagoons could be at risk. Also, pets who might want to drink from any water around the park might also be at risk.

As such, residents are being warned to avoid fishing and walking their pets around the park, especially in grassy areas near the lagoons.

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