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Fish leaps into boat and breaks a woman’s leg in Florida

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It was just days after the warning had been issued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission when a sturgeon jumped into a boat and broke a woman’s leg.

The warning had been issued just three days before the incident happened. The sturgeon is a large fish and the one that crashed into the woman’s leg was about five to six-feet long and weighed about 60 - to 70-pounds.

According to media reports, the woman who was injured was Tina Fletcher, 25, who was riding in an airboat on Sunday when the fish leaped out of the water and collided with her. The Fish and Wildlife Commission said that this was the fifth report just this year alone of a person being injured by the jumping fish.

The first incident happened, reportedly, on April 27. The injuries caused the Commission to issue a warning to boaters who were expected to be out in force on Memorial Day. The estimated population of the river where it happened of sturgeon is around 14,000.

The Commission suggests that boaters should reduce their speed when they are on lakes and waterways that are known to have sturgeon in them. They say it reduces the chance that the fish will be frightened and leap, and if they do leap, the risk of injury is reduced.

The Commission also stated that it was unknown exactly why sturgeon are known to jump out of the water. Some have guessed that it may be some form of communication or perhaps to show dominance or some kind of territorial behavior.

The Commission stated that it is important to understand that these fish are not attacking. They do not look to cause harm to people or to damage boats. They are simply doing what nature has hard-wired them to do, said a representative.

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