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Former President Bill Clinton to help Rahm Emanuel in Chicago Mayor run

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The former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, has announced that he will help President Obama’s former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, campaign for Chicago Mayor.

Rahm Emanuel is already facing some concerns as the other candidates for Chicago Mayor are still challenging his legitimacy as a Chicago resident. However, today, his campaign announced that former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, will be showing his support for Emanuel in his bid for Mayor this coming January.

Clinton’s people announced that he would be in Chicago just after the new year to help campaign for Emanuel. The exact time and place has yet to be announced. Emanuel worked within the Clinton administration, working in various position, before he joined the Obama campaign back in 2008 and helped the former U.S. Senator win the election.

Emanuel is a Chicago native who often stated that he would be interested in making a run for the office of Mayor if the current mayor, Richard Daley, decided not to run again. Daley, earlier in 2010, announced that he would not be making another run for the office. Emanuel left the Obama administration and has been attempting to get his campaign off the ground.

Just recently he won an endorsement from a Commissioner in Chicago’s Board of Elections that he should be allowed to run for the office. According to the commissioner Emanuel meets the residency requirements despite spending years in Washington, D.C. working with President Obama. Emanuel has said that he always intended to return to Chicago and that he kept boxes filled with possessions at his Chicago house despite renting out the home.

President Clinton would be one of the first major endorsements from any current or former politician for Emanuel’s campaign.

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