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Four people, including three children, found dead in Florida

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Authorities, including the local medical examiner, are still trying to figure out what left four people, most of them children, dead in a Florida home. The home is located in a peaceful, family-oriented northwest Florida neighborhood, according to a statement released by local police.

The dead appear to be one adult and three children. The ages of the children appear to be one 3-year-old and two -year-olds. Right now the local medical examiner told the press that they are still trying to determine a cause of death.

Violence evident

The local police department have said that they are starting a homicide investigation. They stated that the condition of the bodies and the home seemed to indicate that violence had been committed in the house.

The police stated that they had begun interviews with neighbors and friends and relatives of the deceased. However, so far the police are even unsure of the dead are related to one another or if they knew each other.

As of early Saturday night the police and investigators admitted that the did not have any clear suspects. Authorities said they hoped to have more to tell come Sunday after they continued their investigation throughout the weekend.

The area where the bodies were found is located not far from Tallahassee, Florida. Authorities describe the neighborhood as no more than two square miles in size. It is also reportedly relatively new, the subdivision having been built only a few years ago.

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