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Frank Oz says he was not happy with script for “The Muppets”

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The legendary Muppeteer and voice of iconic characters such as Miss Piggie, Fozzie Bear and Animal is now telling Hollywood that he turned down offers to be in the new movie because he didn’t like the script.

The Muppets have been favorites of fans for generations. They first appeared on TV in the 50s, created by Jim Henson. The first Muppet that became famous was Kermit the Frog. Then the Muppets became part of children’s lives through Sesame Street. After that came the popularity of The Muppet Show followed by a series of movies. In each case, in addition to Jim Henson, Frank Oz was there providing the movements and voice for key characters.

Now, according to media reports, Frank Oz is dismissing the new movie, set to come out later in 2012 and called simply The Muppets. Oz told reporters that he was given the chance to come back to voice Miss Piggie and Fozzie Bear, but he turned it down because he didn’t like the script. According to Oz, the new direction for the film did not respect the characters he had helped create.

At the same time Oz stated that he did not want to hurt the movie’s chances by going on and on about the problems he sees with the film.

The movie is set to come out later in 2012. It stars Jason Siegel and Amy Adams. It also boasts a whole host of guest appearances from celebrities like Kathy Griffin, among others. The Muppet characters were acquired by the Disney Corporation back in 2004. The plan has been to reboot the Muppet characters for this movie and introduce them for a whole new generation.

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