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French government warns of new terrorism threats

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According to recent intelligence reports the Saudi government has now warned the West of a new terror threat, believed to be from al-Qaida, and in particular the country of France. According to reports from the intelligence minister the threats were from “in the last few hours, few days.” His report is that al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula has been making threats against Europe with France being named specifically. “The threat is real,” is the statement from Minister Brice Hortefeux.

This is just the latest threat to be assessed by European countries. Back on September 9 there were threats of al-Qaida activity on a global scale. On September 16 a woman suicide bomber rumor, located in France, was determined not to be credible. However, just last month reports came that al-Qaida was planning attacks in countries like Germany, France and Great Britain.

Threats pouring in

In addition to threats brought to the attention of French intelligence officials from Saudi Arabia, other countries have also offered up threats they have found. Sources in North Africa have reportedly contacted French authorities about potential threats. Also, intelligence sources in the United States have also warned the French of a possible, yet credible, threat.

This is the first time French authorities have now spoken publicly about the threats. It is the first time they have offered any information about the threats in any detail. The French intelligence minister says that he considers the threats credible but warns that they cannot be overestimated, nor underestimated.

An advisory has been released by the U.S. State Department for any Americans who live or are traveling in Europe. This was released earlier this month when arrests were made in Germany of those suspected of being involved in plotting “Mumbai-style” terrorist attacks in various European cities.

In response to those warnings authorities in France were already boosting security in popular tourist attractions like Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower. Throughout September French authorities reported nine bomb threats, but no explosives have ever been found.

In 2008 a group of terrorists with guns and grenades attacked a popular tourist hotel and a train station in Mumbai. Terrorism experts have warned that these types of attacks may become more prominent for al-Qaida cells. They tend to be smaller and easier to put together rather than larger, dramatic attacks like those in the United States on September 11, 2001.

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