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Gallup poll asks Americans to rate most popular presidents

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A new Gallup poll has asked the American public to name the presidents that they feel are the most popular. The winner, once again, is John F. Kennedy. He out-distanced the number two president, Ronald Reagan, by garnering 85% of the vote.

The poll, released today, has basically been unchanged since 2006, according to a statement from Gallup. The poll was conducted between November 19-21, 2010. The question was, based upon what Americans know or remembered, of the nine most recent former presidents, which ones did they approve of or disapprove of and how each, they felt, performed in the office.

Kennedy remains consistent

Kennedy has ranked number one since 1990. The president who most consistently comes in the last place slot is Richard M. Nixon. That remained true in the 2010 poll as well.

Ronald Reagan came away with 74% of the votes. That moved him up one slot in this poll from the number three spot previously.

The president who improved since the last poll, in 2006, was Bill Clinton. He came in third place, behind Reagan, with 69% of the vote. He moves up from the number eight slot in the prior poll.

George H.W. Bush comes in next with 64% of the vote. Gerald Ford comes in next with 61%. Jimmy Carter follows Ford with 52%. Lyndon Johnson is next with 49%. George W. Bush comes in second-to-last with 47% of the vote. Finally, there is Nixon with 29% of the vote.

Some of the biggest changes were with Jimmy Carter who experienced a nine-point drop in popularity from the last poll. There was an eight-point increase for George H.W. Bush, as well as Clinton. Johnson also experienced an increase in popularity.

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