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Golf cart crushed lawyer to death in freak accident

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Authorities have revealed that earlier this week a local Chicago lawyer was crushed to death in what they a terming a “freak accident.” The lawyer was from suburban Kenilworth and he was playing a round of golf at the Evanston Country Club. The details are still just a little bit unclear.

Crushed to death

What is known is that Larry Schad, who was a partner lawyer for Schad, Diamond & Shedden law firm, was crushed to death by his own electric golf cart on the golf course located in northern suburban Skokie, Illinois. Firefighters and emergency officials say they are still trying to sort out exactly what happened and why.

Firefighter say they reported to an emergency call of a a “golfer down” at about 4 p.m. this past Wednesday. The call was placed by another golfer who had come across Schad as he lay beneath the weight of his own golf cart and was trying feebly to call for help.

Apparently at least one other golfer had seen the cart, but had not heard Schad’s call for help nor seen the man trapped beneath the cart. When that golfer came back later, they realized that someone was trapped beneath the electric cart. At that point they called authorities and emergency vehicles were dispatched.

Schad was taken to a local hospital suffering from “multiple crushing injuries.” He later died from his wounds. So far the death has been ruled an accident. The police from Skokie have now gotten involved and stated that they are still investigating.

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