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Grieving family begs for return of stolen dogs

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A family from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, is begging for the return of a stolen West Highland White Terrier and her puppies stolen from a kennel.

The family says that the puppies’ mother, Lucy Lu, had a very close bond with their son, Jake Graff, who died very suddenly in 2009. For the family, according to a statement from Jake’s mother, the dog is more than a pet, but a member of the family.

According to media reports, the mother says that they brought the dog to the kennel in order to for her to have puppies. However, shortly after the dog was dropped off at the kennel it was stolen by thieves unknown. Now, the Jake’s mom, Deb, has come to the public begging for the safe return of Lucy Lu and her puppies.

The owner of the kennel says that someone contacted her saying that they were going to drop off a dog and claiming to be a client. She then left the kennel to go meet the client at a designated spot and no one showed up. When she returned to he kennel, the dog Lucy Lu and the puppies were gone.

The Graff family was honoring a contract with the breeder when they returned Lucy Lu to her in mid-September to have the puppies. The pure-bred puppies are very valuable. The Westie puppies belonging to Lucy Lu were valued between $850 to $2,500 per puppy.

The kennel owner believes that whomever stole the puppies likely knew the layout of her business and exactly what they were looking for.

If anyone has any information about the location of the dog and her puppies is asked to contact the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department.

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