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Gunman shoots 3 and hides out in Walmart in Reno

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According to reports out of Reno, Nevada, a gunman is holed up inside a Walmart store where he worked after he opened fire and hit three other co-workers earlier on Friday. The three co-workers were hospitalized but, according to authorities, did not have life-threatening injuries. The entire incident happened at about 8:30 a.m. Friday morning, local time. So far, no information about the identity of the gunman has been released.

Prognosis for victims good

Reports from the hospital staff and police are that one of the victims was shot critically but that all three are expected to recover. The gunman evidently entered the store in the morning, heavily armed, and began shooting. Police responded quickly and entered the building just about four hours after the incident began.

The heavily armored police unit entered the building about 12:30 p.m. The police believed that the gunman was hiding in a back room. They attempted to establish contact with the gunman but had been unsuccessful.

The Walmart was evacuated of customers and the remaining employees. There were gathered onto a bus in the parking lot parked of a sporting goods store next door.

The police were not sure at first if the gunman held any hostages in the room with him. The local Washoe County deputies, police from nearby Sparks, and local FBI agents had entered the store and swept the store for any hostages. Police have announced that, right now, they believe that he is alone in the store.

Police have also said it appears as if the gunman was carrying a handgun and shot people he worked with, including his manager. Witnesses reported seeing employees and customers fleeing from the store shortly before it was supposed to open.

The identities of the victims have, so far, not been released.

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