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Gunman shoots three, kills one, in Northwest Indiana

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In a very strange string of events authorities in the Northwest Indiana and Chicago area are still looking for a man who shot three other men, killing one of them. An “All Points Bulletin” has been issued for the man who was still on the loose. The killer is described as driving a light-colored pickup truck, possibly a Chevy Cheyenne.

The tale is full of strange twists and turns and appears to be completely random. The man approached a house under construction in Beecher, Illinois, near the Indiana border. He approached the house twice. The first time he asked construction workers inside the house if they were selling. He then left and returned to talk about building materials. Out of nowhere he opened fire.

He shot one worker outside the home and then another as he entered the house. One of the men, a 45-year-old, died. His companion was airlifted to a hospital. A third worker at the site fled into a field nearby and was not hurt. This third man is the one believed to have called authorities.

The perpetrator then reportedly stole one of the worker’s Ford pickup trucks. He then drove to Lowell, Indiana, just across the state line. He then pulled up to a farmhouse and engaged a farmer in conversation. He asked the farmer about whether or not bees were kept in the area. The farmer told the gunman he might be interested in having some bees on his property and as the gunman was supposedly handing a piece of paper over to the farmer with his name and phone number on it, he opened fire. The farmer pretended to be dead and the gunman drove away.

The farmer drove himself off of his property and to a spot well away from where the gunman had been driving. He pulled out a cell phone and dialed 911. The farmer has been listed in stable condition at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Crown Point, Indiana.

Details about the gunman

The gunman is reported to be disheveled and unkempt in appearance. He has a growth of beard as if he has not shaved in a few days. He was reported to be somewhere in his 40s. He was last seen wearing a light green windbreaker and a baseball cap. He was also reported wearing light-colored jeans and brown work boots. The type of gun used in the assault, according to authorities, is either a Colt .38 or a .357 revolver.

The public is warned to keep an eye out for this individual and that if he is spotted they should contact the police immediately. The suspect is to be considered armed and very dangerous.

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